Table of Contents:

1. My first fertility patient (Copenhagen 2010)

2. Physiotherapy as a fertility enhancing treatment

3. The Mojzisova Method (Prague 1971)

3.1   Method

3.2   Research

3.3   Mojzisova treatment in modern context

3.4   Self-treatment with the Mojzisova method

3.4.1 Posture

3.4.2 Work positions

3.4.3 Home exercises

4. The Wurn Method, scar tissue treatment (Florida 1989)

4.1 Why does scar tissue pose a problem in relation to fertility?

4.2 Research

4.3 Scar tissue treatment

4.4 Wurn Method in modern context

4.5 Treating your own scar

5. Laser Biostimulation Therapy (Tokyo 1995)

5.1 The PPLT Method

5.2 Research

5.3 How laser therapy can improve fertility

5.3.1 Increased cell energy

5.3.2 Improved blood circulation

5.3.3 The anti-inflammatory effect

5.4 Laser therapy for men with low sperm count

5.5 LLLT in modern context

5.6 Self-treatment using laser therapy

6. Fertility enhancing exercise habits

6.1Fertility and Normal weight

6.2Fertility and Overweight


6.4Fertility and Underweight

6.5Exercise guide for men

6.6Exercise outside for more vitamin D

7. Stress and Body-Mind workshops

8. List of acronyms

9. Bibliography

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